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Our Own Brands (Private Labels)

Supplier for REMA 1000

REMA 1000 is proud to offer our customers private labels of high quality. On this page our suppliers will find useful information.

High quality at a low price

Own brands are important to provide our customers with a wide selection of products, at high quality and low prices. We work continuously to launch new and exciting products that taste good and are produced in a responsible way.
Low prices should not come at the expense of high quality. That is why we have created our own brands in collaboration with skilled suppliers to give customers high quality at a low price.

“Our customers are changing and are challenging us every day. They want to know where the food comes from, what it contains and who made it. They make demands when it comes to packaging material, animal welfare, and working conditions in our supply chains.”

Christian Hoel, CEO REMA 1000 Norge AS

Our suppliers

We make certain requirements to all our suppliers. All suppliers who produce our private label need to sign our framework agreement. Also, suppliers need to follow our ethical guidelines, known as the “Social Code of Conduct”.

Supplier Code of Conduct

REMA 1000 sets strict requirements and guidelines for all suppliers who produce products to our stores. Our SCoC is based on the principles of Ethical Trade Norway, UN declarations and the OECD’s guide for responsible business. There is, among other things, zero tolerance for child labour, discrimination, or corruption. Also, there are requirements linked to that suppliers should work towards a living wage as well as HSE (Health, Safety and Environment).

Requirements for our suppliers:

Our customers should always be completely confident when it comes to the quality of the products they buy in a REMA 1000 store. For that reason, our suppliers need to meet the following requirements:

  • Signed framework agreement
  • GFSI approved certification for foodstuffs
  • Sedex/BSCI membership (applies to all production sites outside the Nordic region)

As a potential new supplier, you need to do the following:

REMA 1000 pre-qualifies all its potential new suppliers. The suppliers are pre-qualified in a platform called Scanmarket.
  1. Framework agreement – you need to sign this agreement and upload it. You will find this in the platform.
  2. Company details – you need to fill in information regarding your company.
  3. After pressing “Submit”, please log into Scanmarket to fill in the questionnaire.
  4. Questionnaire – this is where you fill in information regarding your production site(s).

Membership in Sedex

All production sites outside the Nordic countries need to be members of Sedex (or the equivalent of BSCI).

Sedex is one of the world’s leading member organizations for ethical trade. They work with businesses to improve, among other things, working conditions in global supply chains.

Sedex offers a web-based platform where, among other things, we find information about carried out SMETA audits. We recommend production sites to carry out a 4-pillar SMETA audit. SMETA is SEDEX’s method for carrying out social audits.

Social audits enable REMA 1000 to assess the supply chain. They investigate the health and safety of the workers, and signal zero tolerance for child labor and forced labour. Once an audit is completed, we can work together to resolve any issues based on a Corrective Action Plan (CAP).

Contact us

If you wish to contact us, please use the supplier form in the link below.